Autonomous FPV Wing Wing Z-84 RC Airplane – How to build

The flying wings (also known as Zagi wings) are becoming very popular, and due to technology improvements, it’s possible to include electronic component to make it autonomous in a very accessible way. Also, there’s the immersion provided by FPV video feed, that allows lot more possibilites.

This is what this project is about: The build of an autonomous flying wing with the following characteristics:

  • Autonomous flight – Have electronics that allow stabilized flight, automatic return (including in case of radio control signal lost) and automatic takeoff
  • FPV – Have a camera and a video transmitter, so the pilot can fly the plane in first person view
  • Small and light – Just 84 centimeters wingspan and less than 500 grams weight if built correctly
  • Easy to fly – Have excelent glide ratio and can fly very slowly – Nice for novice pilots
  • Great range – Using the right batteries, the flight time can be longer than 1 hour!

Parts list

Kit preparation

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Electronics preparation

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