How to tune the PIDs of your FPV quadcopter

Here is a simple and practical guide on how to adjust the drone’s PIDs. No technical details and small talk. Straight to the point.

  1. Bounce back on rolls or flip. If the quad overshoot and then bounce back, Increases D for the affect axis.
  2. If you are pitched and going forward and the angle of your pitch changes, Increase I on pitch. If the angle of the tilt is not holding, then increase I for roll.
  3. Slow oscillations is too low P term.
  4. Punch throttle and cut. If there is movement then add anti-gravity gain.
  5. If nose wanders without increase in throttle then increase I gain. Similar to #2.
  6. If nose wanders with throttle then increase anti-gravity gain.
  7. Propwash on hard turn. Increase D or Lower P. You will have to try it with both pitch and roll.
  8. Sliding out in turn. Increase Yaw I gain.
  9. Oscillations with high throttle only. Increase TPA.
  10. If you want a more robotic feel to your quad, Increase I for pitch and roll.

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