Mini Drake Long Range FPV Autonomous Airplane

This article is a parts list to build an autonomous FPV airplane for long range flight.

Parts list

Each item has a link to it’s corresponding part.

Telemetry radio control system

The above list contains only the basic airplane parts, however it lacks the radio receiver, and it will depend on your current radio system. If you still don’t own a radio system, I can recommmend the following one:

FPV Goggles

To fly FPV, you’ll need a pair of goggles with a 5.8Ghz receiver (the same frequency as the video transmitter). If you don’t have the goggles, I can recommend the following one:

Airplane battery

This airplane has a incledible payload capacity. With this motor and propeller, the ideal battery is 4S (four LiPo cells in series, with gives 14.8V). However, the capacity can change a lot. As bigger the capacity is, the longer the airplane will fly, but heaiver it’ll be, which will result in faster landing speeds, and more expensive battery too.

I’ll recommend you to buy two 4S 4500mAh batteries. This way, you can decide to fly with only one battery at time, or both at same time, connected in parallel, resulting into a total capacity of 9000mAh.

Don’t forget to buy the parallel connection harness.

Battery charger

To charge LiPo batteries, you’ll need a specific charger. If you still don’t have one, I can recommend the ToolkitRC M4AC, which already has an internal power supply and can be conected directly to any power outlet.


This is the parts list for 120cm autonomous Mini Drake. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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