About FPV Sampa

FPV Sampa is a website dedicated to bringing quality FPV content about both fixed and multi-rotor (drones).

FPV is an acronym for “First Person View”. It means attaching to the model aircraft or drone a camera and a video transmitter, so that the pilot on the ground can pilot the model aircraft seeing through the camera – as if he/she were on board the aircraft.

On FPV Sampa you will find many tutorials, tips, product analysis, and an exclusive parts comparison tool for FPV model aircraft and drones.

You will also find many flight videos, analysis and tutorials on the FPV Sampa channel on Youtube, and the best photos and clips on Instagram of FPV Sampa.

Sampa is a short name for “São Paulo”, city where the site was born and where most of the videos are made. FPV drones are one of the fewer types of model aircraft that can be piloted in most urban areas, and for this reason “Sampa” is part of our name.