Eachine TX805 VTX review and power test

The Eachine TX805 video transmitter promises to be an inexpensive alternative to the most advanced video transmitters on the market. Can it keep it promess?

The TX805 VTX from Eachine is intended to be a 5.8Ghz video transmitter with the possibility of switching transmission power between 25mW, 200mW, 600mW and 800mW.

In addition, it has the telemetry feature, which using the SmartAudio protocol, allows you to change the transmit power, band and channel through the flight controller using your radio transmitter or the OSD.

These features are the same as those found on more expensive video transmitters such as TBS Unify or the ImmersionRC Tramp HV. But costing less than half the price, the TX805 tries to establish itself as a viable alternative.


  • Supports SmartAudio, allows you to switch power, band and channel through the Flight Controller.
  • From 25mW to 800mW rated power (see power test below)
  • Supports power from 2S to 6S battery voltage
  • Has 5V output to power the camera
  • Built-in microphone
  • Soldering pads for connecting wires
  • Metal casing, which protects and helps dissipate heat
  • MMCX Antenna Connector
  • Standard 30.5mm holes to mount on FC stack
  • It’s cheap!


  • It does not deliver the rated power

Power test

Frequency 5658 5695 5732 5769 5806 5843 5880 5917
Power 25mW 20 mW 19 mW 18 mW 13 mW 12 mW 17 mW 12 mW 5 mW
Power 200mW 226 mW 230 mW 230 mW 200 mW 200 mW 214 mW 195 mW 150 mW
Power 600mW 350 mW 374 mW 400 mW 380 mW 400 mW 420 mW 435 mW 395 mW
Power 800mW 350 mW 374 mW 400 mW 380 mW 400 mW 420 mW 435 mW 495 mW


The power test revealed that the TX805 delivers less power than specified. Adjusted for 25mW, the power delivered is only similar in the lower frequencies. When set to 200mW, the power is closer to the ideal. But in 600mW and 800mW modes we realize that the delivered power is far below specification.

The fact that it accepts power directly from the battery is a great differential. The MMCX connector, which is becoming a market standard, is lighter than SMA and has simpler connection. SmartAudio is also a great feature and the built-in microphone is a bonus.

Having solder pads instead of connectors is also an advantage, since the connection is more secure. And the mounting holes also makes drone installation much easier.

The UBEC for the camera should only be used in low power cameras (less than 100mA).

For use in mini drones, this VTX can still be a good option, since the power delivered is more than enough for this type of use. But for other types of model airplanes and larger drones that need more power, it’s not a very good option.

If you are interested, you can buy the Eachine TX805 through this link.

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