Eachine TS832 VTX review and power test

The Eachine TS832 video transmitter has been on the market for many years, but has received some updates. Is it still a good option?

The VTX TS832 was one of the first 5.8Ghz video transmitters to hit the market. There are several brands that sell this video transmitter, such as AKK, Aomway and Boscam. This tested unit is from Eachine.


  • 48 channels (early versions had only 32 channels)
  • 600mW rated power (see power test below)
  • Built-in microphone
  • Header metal pins
  • Metal casing, which protects and helps dissipate heat
  • It’s very cheap


  • Is a bit heavy and heavy by current standards
  • No telemetry. The only way to adjust the frequency is by using buttons
  • Power input between 7.4 and 16V (does not work well with 2S, and powering with 4S is risky).

Power test

Frequency 5658 5695 5732 5769 5806 5843 5880 5917
Power 600mW 550 mW 560 mW 525 mW 545 mW 555 mW 555 mW 555 mW 490 mW


The power test revealed values close to the one specified (which is rare, and very good).

The ideal power for it is with 3S batteries. If your model aircraft works with a different battery, you will need to use a 12V UBEC to regulate the voltage of the VTX.

It has a 12V BEC to power the camera. This BEC will provide -1V in relation to the input voltage (up to the limit of 12V). So if you power the VTX with 11V, the output to the camera will be 10V. If you power the VTX with 14V, the output to the camera will be 12V.

The selling argument is the price. Currently you can find this model for less than $ 10. The fact that it has microphone is also cool, and it already comes with a linear antenna and the connection cable inside the box.

The TS832 Eachine is an interesting VTX for use in airplanes that have more space (airplanes or large drones). For FPV mini drones it’s too big and heavy.

If you were interested, you can buy the TS832 through this link.

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