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Eachine TX5258


Basic Information
BrandEachineAKK Technology
Width31.0 mm36.0 mm
Height5.0 mm5.0 mm
Depth21.0 mm36.0 mm
Weight8.3 g9.6 g
Retail PriceUS$ 23.00US$ 23.00
Release dateMar 2018Mar 2018
Max output power800mW1,200mW
Power Consumption3.6W
Inputs and Outputs
VBAT InputYes - Up to 5S (21V)Yes - Up to 6S (25V)
Push Buttom Setup (Channel, Band, Power)YesYes
Setup over TelemetryYes - SmartAudioYes - SmartAudio
Antenna connection typeDirect to VTXWith SMA Pigtail
Switchable output powerYes - 25/200/500/800mWYes - 25/200/600/1200mW
Upgradeable firmwareNo
Pit modeYesNo
Has 5V voltage regulatorYes - 300mAYes - 500mA
Thermal protectionYesNo
Onboard MicrophoneYesYes
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