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SP Racing F3 Deluxe

Betaflight F3

Basic Information
BrandSeriously ProFPVModel
Form Factor30,5 x 30,5 mm30,5 x 30,5 mm
ApplicationGeneral useMulti-rotor Aircraft
Width36.0 mm36.0 mm
Height5.0 mm7.0 mm
Depth36.0 mm36.0 mm
Weight6.0 g8.6 g
Protective case is includedNoNo
Retail PriceUS$ 45.00US$ 30.00
Release dateDec 2015Jan 2017
Integrated Circuits
CPU FamilyF3F3
CPU ModelSTM32F303STM32F303
Main MPUMPU6050MPU6000
Auxiliar MPUNoNo
Inputs and Outputs
PWM Outputs84
Number of UARTs (total)33
Inverted UARTs33
SoftSerial Inputs22
I2C inputYesYes
Buzzer outputYesYes
LED Strip OutputYesYes
Current Sensor Analog InputYesNo
RSSI Analog InputYesNo
VBAT InputYes - Up to 4S (17V)Yes - Up to 6S (25V)
Shared UART with USBYesNo
Racing Transponder Led OutputNoNo
Has 5V voltage regulatorNoYes - 1.5A
Soft mounted gyroNoNo
Soft mounted cornersNoNo
Has OSDNoYes - MAX7456E
Onboard current sensorNoYes - Up to 145A
Has SD Card SlotNoYes
Internal Memory for Blackbox8MB8MB
Has PDBNoYes - Up to 100A
Has 4 in 1 ESCsNoNo
Integrated Radio ReceiverNo
InavFlight TargetSPRACINGF3
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AttachmentInstructions Manual

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