Cheapest mini quadcopter parts list

This is the list of parts to assemble a racing drone as cheaply as possible, but still allowing you to fly with some quality.

This list has what in my opinion is the most basic equipment possible to start in the hobby of mini racing quads. Although the parts are of acceptable quality, they are far from a cost-effective list. For this, I have another list. Click here to see.

Part Description Link
Frame Lisam 210 Buy
Motors Racerstar BR2205 x4 Buy
Propellers King Kong 5x4x3 (10 pares) Buy
ESC + FC + OSD Racerstar StarF3S 30A Buy
VTX EWRF e708TM3 SmartAudio Buy
Camera Eachine 1000TVL CCD Buy
Radio Transmitter + Receiver FlySky FS-I6 + FS-IA6B Buy
FPV Goggles Eachine EV800 Buy

With this list, you will basically have EVERYTHING that is needed to start in the hobby. It is a machine that can fly with batteries of 3S or 4S, relatively durable and even with some cool features like OSD, current sensor and VTX with SmartAudio support!

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  • Tiago Morais

    Bom dia Daniel Ribeiro, você tem algum video gravado com esse drone já montado?
    E tambem como eu sou novato no assunto, você tem algum tutorial de montagem dele?

    Agradeço a sua atenção.

  • Luis Steinhorst

    Bom dia Daniel. Tu tens loja?
    Como fica a questão na anac e anatel com esses drones ?
    Parabéns pelo blog e vídeos
    Abraço !

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