How to wire SmartPort, SmartAudio and OSD on SP Racing F3

The SP Racing F3 Flight Controller is still a very popular Flight Controllers today, after long time it was released and even discontinued.

That being said, it’s pretty common to face a situation when you need to wire newer hardware together with SP Racing F3, like VTX Telemetry (like SmartAudio or Tramp), SmartPort from FrSky, and MWOSD for MinimOSD boards.

Below is a wiring diagram and BetaFlight configuration so you can wire everything on this Flight Controller.

Don’t forget to enable SOFTSERIAL and TELEMETRY on “Other Features” frame inside “Configuration” tab.

The magic is the Softserial ports. They act like additional UART ports, but with some limitations:

  • Maximum Baud Rate is 57600 bps, so you need to Flash MWOSD using this Baud Rate
  • For SmartPort, you need to wire both TX and RX wires (pins 5 and 6) together. Wiring only TX pin will not work for SoftSerial

You could wire the MWOSD to the UART1 too… But you would have to disconnect the OSD every time you need to use the Flight Controller USB connection (because it’s shared with UART1). So it can be a problem… Wiring it to the SOFTSERIAL2 makes thinks easier.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

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  • Claudio Augusto Barbosa

    Bom dia. Este tutorial me ajudou muito, obrigado. Porém, surgiu uma dúvida, estou fazendo um upgrade no meu Drone F450 e irei colocar, sonar, bluetooth, gps e a telemetria do X4R SB. É possível colocar todos estes acessórios nesta placa, SP Racing F3 Delux?

  • Teddy

    How to use UART1 for OSD, in case i dont mind to share it with USB… thank you

  • Tonyman

    Hi , may I ask if it is possible To use a minimosd with cc3d revolution f4?
    It now runs open pilot, but I think there is no problem to flash with beta flight if necessary… I remember I have flashed on another cc3d some years ago.
    Many many thanks in advance

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