Pre-flight checklist for FPV model aircraft and drones

As the complexity of model aircraft increases, it becomes harder to remember everything that needs to be done before taking off. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a checklist that serves both FPV autonomous fixed-wing model aircraft and drones.

You can print this checklist and store it in your field box, or save in your cell phone bookmarks to see when you want.

  • Check radio transmitter, VTX, and FPV goggles antennas
  • Make sure the radio transmitter is turned on
  • Check radio transmitter battery voltage
  • Check your model’s battery voltage
  • Make sure the model is switched on
  • Check proper operation of all servos
  • Check servo’s linkages conditions
  • Check propellers conditions
  • Checking the motors (command and turn direction)
  • Check CG (very important on fixed wing models)
  • Check that the battery is securely fixed to the aircraft
  • Verify that the Flight controller is detecting Failsafe (turn off the radio transmitter for testing)
  • Check weather conditions
  • Check that the FPV goggles are turned on
  • Check VTX and FPV goggles channel
  • Check that navigation is safe (GPS satellites and home point)
  • Check if HD camera is recording

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