How to wire a 4 in 1 ESC on Matek F405-CTR Flight Controller

The Matek F405-CTR flight controller already has an integrated PDB, which means that the separate ESCs are connected directly to the FC board so that it can supply their power. However, if you have a 4 in 1 ESC, the connection might get a bit confusing.

Just follow the diagram below:

The battery is connected to the ESC, not the Flight Controller.
The GND and VBAT are connected in any of the 4 – (negative) and + (positive) pads of the FC board.
If your ESC has a current sensor, you must connect the corresponding wire to the CURR soldering pad.
The motors 1, 2, 3 and 4 are connected respectively on pads S1, S2, S3 and S4.

This diagram works for any FC that has an integrated PDB, such as DYS F4, BetaFlight F3, BetaFlight F4 or BetaFlight F7, and other AIO FCs available on the market.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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  • Ben

    Hi , for connection between fc and esc, for vbat and ground, wich kind of cable is needed, 14awg is kinda big , awg 18-22 is enough ? for 4s setup maybe 5s someday


  • abacs

    I just built a quadcopter using this FC.
    I connected it to a 4in1 ESC as it is described on it’s product page (the battery is connected to the FC, and through the two nearest large FC pads to the ESC). Should I rewire it? Is there any significant advantage doing it this way?

    I have one serious problem with the FC, but I don’t think it’s related to the ESC.
    Without a camera I can see the OSD, but when I connect the camera, the OSD disappeares. Do you have any idea why would this happen and how to fix it?


    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Wiring the battery input directly to the ESC makes sure you’ll not lose any current due the additional connections. Also makes the wiring cleaner.
      About the camera, it’s because your OSD is set as NTSC and your camera is set to PAL (or vice versa). Both need to be set to the same system, PAL or NTSC.

  • Sebastien

    Hello, Thanks for your post. It help me a lot.
    I’ve got the same controler (405CTR) but a different 4in1 esc with an added 5v pin
    (Aikon Ak32)
    here :

    If i follow your wiring, should i cut this 5v wire ?
    is it stupid to connect the esc bat+ on FC vbat and esc 5v on FC 5v ? (like matek mini)
    and last, best way to wire the vtx ?

    Thanks for ur support !

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      You can just cut(or remove) the 5V wire from ESC. Flight Controller has it’s own 5V regulator, so it doesn’t need 5V from ESC.

  • Rogerio

    Uma vez que ligo a bateria direto no ESC e não no FC, o capacitor que vem na FC Matek F405-CTR também será ligada no ESC da mesma forma quer faria se fosse ligada no FC?

  • Jean-Claude Zunino

    I plan to buy a Matek F405-CTR flight controller
    Which a 4 in 1 ESC did you use or would suggest ?
    Many Thanks,


    my 4in1 esc has a current sensor wire but my fc doesn’t, does this mean i will not get the vbat showing in my osd?

  • Todd Bridges

    Great tutorial. Here is my issue: I’m using a Racerstar RS20Ax4 20A 4 in 1 Blheli_S Opto ESC 2-4S ESC and it only came with a plug that has 5 wires (assuming 4 wires for motors and ground). I don’t see how to perform the wiring you including to go from this ESC to my Matek F405 FC. Thoughts? Thx!

    • Todd Bridges

      Also, I noticed with your wiring diagram, you specify connecting each wire from ESC to a specific S1, S2, S3 and S4 on FC. So I should solder in other side of FC where these are or can I just solder to corresponding connection on top side of FC (or are these completely different)?

      • Daniel Ribeiro

        S1, S2, S3 and S4 pads on the Matek F405 FC exists both on the underside and on the topside. You can choose any of them, they are the same on both sides.

  • Hany

    Very helpful tutorial, thank you! However I have some questions:
    Why you have connected ESC “+” to pad number 2 and ESC “-” to pad number 4? Is it possible to connect both + and – from the ESC to the same pad, eg pad 4? Or maybe to the main FC battery plugs? is there a reason for avoiding this or is it doable?
    And what about FC current sensor? is it enough to connect the CURR pin from the ESC to the CURR pin on the FC to bypass the internal FC current sensor? Do I have to specify it in iNav settings?

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      All the four positive pads are connected together in parallel, and all four negative pads are connected in parallel too, so it doesn’t matter if you wire it to the Negative 2 or Negative 4… All are the same.

      If you wire it to the main FC battery input, you’ll add a load to it’s current sensor, which is not good since you’re using the current meter from the ESC. That’s why you wire it to one of the four ESC pads… Because they are after the current sensor.

  • Valdique Garcia

    É possível usar a Smart Port do receptor R-XSR na controladora Matek F405-CTR ?
    Estou usando o Inav .

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