Ready to Fly Racing Drones

If you want to join the miniquad hobby (also known as Mini drones, Racing drones or racing quads), but want to skip the leaning and building part and go directly to the fly part, you’re in the right place!

Fly mini drones is awesome, however the first contact that the novice pilot have with the hobby are the tutorials and manuals teaching how to choose and how to build, a process that envolves delicate soldering and configurations made on computer.

This approach – besides correct – is also scaring! Lots of people don’t like (or don’t want) to have to learn a bunch of new skills to build the first drone, and – only after that – try the flight itself. Aware of that, and intended to attract more people to the hobby, the manufactures of drone parts are adopting the practice of sell ready to fly drones!

But don’t fool yourself! Know how to build and repair the drone is a skill that you’ll have to learn at some point. The objective of the manufactures is just postergate this step of learning path, in a way that you can start by the most fun part, the flight.

Bellow I’ll list some of my favorite models, and a link so you can buy it.

Emax Hawk 5

The Emax Hawk 5 is a high performance machine, assembled with excellent quality parts and accurately configured to be a champion drone on the tracks. Everything in it was thought to have great performance and ease of repair. It features 2300kv 2206 motors, 30 Amps ESCs and F4 flight controller with integrated OSD. The symmetrical X carbon fiber frame is sturdy and lightweight. This drone can reach more than 100 mph with 4S batteries. The weight without battery is 270 grams.

It already has integrated FrSky radio receiver, just bind with your transmitter, and is already flying.

To buy the Emax Hawk 5, click here!

Emax Babyhawk-R

The Babyhawk-R is different from the other drones in this list because it is much smaller and lighter. It is the only one on the list that flies with 3-inch propellers. But do not be fooled! He is extremely fast and agile! It’s a great drone to fly into even more confined spaces and to learn to fly. If you are looking for a drone that stays below 250 grams full, this is the ideal model as it weighs less than 90 grams without battery! It has F3 controller with integrated OSD and full FPV. It flies with batteries from 2S to 4S, and comes with frSky compatible radio receiver.

To buy the Emax Babyhawk-R, click here.

Diatone GT200S

Another model of drone that already comes ready to win races is the Diatone GT200S. One of the first models that comes from the factory ready, until today can guarantee great results. It is equipped with an F3 controller with integrated OSD, 2306 2450kv very fast motors, stretched X chassis and 30 Amps ESCs. It just does not come with the radio receiver, so you will need to install on your own.

To buy the Diatone GT200S, click here.

Holybro Kopis 1

The Holybro Kopis 1 is another great mini drone ready to fly. It has the latest technology in the scene currently: 32-bit ESCs DShot1200, F4 Controller, FrSky receiver with telemetry and video transmitter with OSD control. The 2450kv T-Motor motors ensure excellent performance and the extremely lightweight frame ensures speed and agility .

To buy the Holybro Kopis 1, click here.


All the drones featured above are drones that can win races! With the exception of the Babyhawk-R, every other listed flies with 5-inch propellers, which is the most popular size for mini drones. The wheelbase ranges from 210 to 220mm diagonally, and weight is between 250 and 280 grams without the battery. They are excellent machines, which are ready to fly.

For all of them, you will need a compatible radio control. I strongly recommend buying one from FrSky as it is the most commonly used mini drone standard. There are several models:

In addition to the radio, you’ll also need a set of FPV glasses. A great option to start is the Fat Shark Dominator V3. click here to buy.

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